Andrew Westle

“Art is that space for difficult conversations”

Andrew Westle

Andrew Westle is passionate about gender equality, social justice and making art accessible to everyone. His work defies boundaries and includes research, performance, evaluation, writing, theatre making, public health and stage management. We cover.

  • Providing art that is not socially engaging
  • How do we get rich people to come to art
  • the capacity for dance to agitate
  • Circumnavigating the city
  • Permission and getting it wrong
  • How to leave enough space for the dance
  • Dance as a self referencing cannon
  • Dance as reprieval to the literal and narrative
  • Sharing similar politics
  • Proving merit
  • Madonna fans
  • David Mcallister interview and character
  • Who is speaking on behalf of the embodied?
  • Finding interest in people
  • Dance funding in Australia
  • time capsule interviews as archive for practise


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