Daniele Constance 2019

Daniele Constance speaks about her work and process and upcoming showing of #explainnormal as part of #INDEX at Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane ahead of the premiere at Metro Arts later in 2019!

“how to put something forward that we’re all proud of but that’s something that has got a movement to it that’s beyond the room, that has a life, that people keep thinking about”

Daniele Constance

we talk about:

  • delivering a work of art vs caring for artists in process
  • setting expectation
  • sharing responsibility
  • externalising of the cost of stress of process
  • pushing your cast/collaborators
  • financial diversity
  • mixed ability artist/performers and training
  • dancers being adaptable
  • Aha Ensemble – www.danieleconstance.com.au/#/ahaensemble/
  • creating space
  • people of interest – www.danieleconstance.com.au/#/peopleofinterest/
  • working with voice
  • working with story without reduction to narrative
  • knowing strengths and asking experts
  • denial
  • discussion as coping strategy
  • optimism and trust

“it’s not easy to make art and it’s not easy to share it.”

Daniele Constance

“A lot of people aren’t interested in becoming artists”

Daniele Constance



Daniele Constance is a participatory artist, art therapist and producer, with a strong focus on socially engaged art making practices. She creates artistic works that draw from direct experience and storytelling, using verbatim, documentary,  contemporary and embodied performance practices. More at www.danieleconstance.com.au/

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Matt Cornell is based in the Asia-Pacific region and grew up in Darwin, on Larrakia land. He works through dance, choreography, sound, photography, and discussion to question the arbitrary configuration of systems, and is passionate about overcoming cognitive bias... to ask better questions… to dissolve malignant social narratives.

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