Gary Lang

“I’ll never stop telling stories”

Gary Lang

Gary Lang is a Larrakia man; he trained at the National Aboriginal and Islander Dance School (NAISDA) and has toured nationally & internationally with some of Australia’s premier dance companies, the Aboriginal and Islander Dance Theatre, Bangarra, Dance North and Tracks Inc. We Cover

  • Finding where you fit in the world of Australia as a dancer
  • Making “Aboriginal Ballet”
  • How to know what to do in the studio
  • WA Ballet
  • Finding and learning essence within gestures
  • How do learnings filter into being a director
  • Directing a festival and calling yourself a, “festival director”
  • Teaching children how to be, “right”, in this country
  • Having strong women within his life
  • How to know if you’re perpetuating the cycle
  • The, “divorce dance,” and shifting through music
  • Making valid work to exist for certain people
  • Choosing to work with adults not children
  • How often to star something
  • Shifting to, “knowing how to dance,”
  • NASIDA and Paul Saliba
  • How to know what to do to create good work
  • Teaching dance to children
  • Biggest hopes for running a company and being festival, “director,”
  • Working in the dance scene in Darwin
  • Always have manners
  • When will you know you’re done with making dancing
  • Feeling safe with people


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