Cobie Orger

Cobie Orger is a dance & video artist merging her diverse skills to produce a range of video and performance work for corporate, education and artistic purposes.


we cover:

  • turning music into dancing
  • the choreographic and compositional process – mutual influencing
  • the loss of newness
  • keeping interested
  • the point of diminishing returns
  • surfing and learning the drums
  • chasing tail vs following nose
  • the utility of dogmas in rigorous process
  • “I rely on being interested” – Matt Cornell
  • “the journey is the way and the outcome”
  • partnering with the unknowns






callum mooney

Callum Mooney is dancing and making around Sydney and beyond. We talk about his current projects:


  • creating from a visual aesthetic
  • being an asset to each other
  • we are sound
  • naturally recorded sounds
  • structured improvisation from senses
  • objects vs humans
  • growth
  • super powers


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Taree Sansbury

Taree Sansbury is a freelance artist and NAISDA Dance College graduate. Taree is a proud Kaurna, Narungga and Ngarrindjeri woman from South Australia.


we talk about:

  • new work for next wave
  • dance theatre
  • weaving
  • family connection
  • environment/connection to landscape
  • planting ideas
  • indigenising vs colonizing
  • footwork technique
  • cultural protocol
  • what’s the life of a thing after i’m done with it?
  • ribbon farm blog
  • individuality as a dis-empowering force
  • feeling vs rationality
  • nationalism and climate change denialism
  • regions vs nations
  • living with an indigenous framework
  • guns germs and steel
  • another future needs to be imagined




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Emma Harrison

Emma Harrison is a dancer and maker of many things.
We cover:
  • her upcoming choreographic lab focused on the need for purpose
  • bacteria vs genetics
  • the purpose of ones art on themselves and on others
  • the importance of witnesses
  • “equality doesn’t mean indifference” MC
  • the ottolisk
  • full dancing capacity of the performer while retaining the power of empathy of the subject
  • making film
  • logistically accessible vs conceptually or aesthetically accessible
  • grotesque according to the performer vs grotesque according to the viewer
  • stamping ground dance festival
  • colours of the wind – song
  • marooned in realtime – book
  • unfunded excellence

mikaela carr

mikaela carr is a melbourne and sydney based contemporary dance artist.

we cover:

  • being a dancer
  • process as king
  • being present in your decision making
  • how are you, you?
  • presence
  • “sensation is the only thing connecting you to a present moment” MC
  • send me on my way
  • “you learn to see things in a completely different way, you empathise with people in a completely different way” MC




(my view) From Here – Artist Provocation and Conversation

Co-facilitated by artists Matt Cornell and Courtney Coombs, Metro Arts Brisbane presents (my view) From Here: Artist Provocation and Conversation and invites you into the conversation.

Artists Nasim Khosravi, Kinly Grey, Susan Hawkins and Martyn Coutts each question something of vital importance to them as an artist, an individual, a member of our community, articulate their personal view and invite you to question and converse.

What is your view – what do you see, what have you witnessed and experienced, what do you feel…Consider, what is your view from here and now?

Finn O’Branagáin

Finn O’Branagáin is a playwright, storyteller and dramaturg. She is interested in how ancient and universal myths and legends can be modern, personal and urgent.

we cover:

  • her show selkie
  • what the world needs
  • systemic social issues
  • training
  • perth, sydney, darwin
  • getting a dog
  • writing a play vs making it real