Katina Olsen

Katina Olsen is a proud Wakka Wakka and Kombumerri dancer / choreographer currently based between Sydney and the Sunshine Coast in Australia. We focus on respecting and questioning tradition with in her work.


“to have the platform that my mother, grandmother, great grandmother, didn’t have” – Katina Olsen


we talk about:

  • who Katina is
  • living between two cities
  • beginning as a choreographer
  • cultural protocols
  • traditional vs contemporary aboriginal dance
  • INstar
  • critical path residency
  • choreographing on QUT students
  • Min Min lights/stories
  • being on country in Norway and parts of Australia
  • working
  • blak friday event
  • heritage, lineage, embodiment
  • Acknowledging country residency at Critical Path
  • being visible as indigenous and as a woman
  • having dances withheld
  • historical vs cultural
  • respecting and questioning tradition
  • the power of conversation
  • Yalu dad
  • having witnesses and being accountable
  • emoji skin colour tone usage eg:  👌🏾 💃🏼





The team of @_Why includes Surge Dance CollectiveBrianna Law, Nadia Milford, Laura McNally as choreographers with all three artists also performing and being joined onstage by Reina Takeuchi.


We spoke about multiple waves of feminism and a driving force for this show being where the team find themselves in today’s social norms.



Anna Catherine

Anna Kallstrom is a professional dance artist, currently training with Lion Heart Dance Company as well as embarking on her own explorations and understanding of dance.


we talk about:

  • books
  • free studio space
  • using a video camera in rehearsals
  • labelling yourself

and much more!


images of anna

carlos johns-davila

Carlos Johns-Davila is a composer, in fact he composed all the sounds you here in this podcast.


Carlos is “fascinated with where this can go”. And is asking “where is the structure? where is the form?” Amongst his many other questions we talk about:


  • thinking sonically
  • seeing music vs hearing music when composing
  • arnold schoenberg
  • composing for dance
  • heritage and lineage
  • thinking sonically
  • rescoring
  • synesthesia as creative tool
  • pre-colonial music and instruments
  • “speculators in the creative process”
  • “is there room for play?”
  • canacho
  • foreign film vs world music
  • “as a peruvian-american i see this hybrid perspective”
  • can rah, caroline stockhousen, david bowie
  • computer ensamble named BEEP



  • https://davilamusic.bandcamp.com/releases

Del Lumanta

Del Lumanta makes space and music.


we talk about:


  • all girls electronics
  • the dangers of exclusive inclusivity
  • making space for people with no spaces
  • bro culture
  • trump
  • talking as part of process
  • coming into a certain consciousness of the self
  • honesty and consideration of others
  • galaxy taro app




Laura Boynes

Laura Boynes makes and dances in theatres and other environments.


we spoke about:

  • wonder woman
  • having mentors and peers
  • “i’m making a dance because”
  • process
  • feminism




people mentioned:

Laurie Young

Laurie Young is a Canadian choreographer and dancer living in Berlin, Germany.


  • we speak about life in canada, berlin, gold coast
  • being a woman of colour
  • working in museums
  • beyond dance choreography
  • upsetting the oppression of public spaces