Bhenji Ra

Bhenji Ra is premiering a show on November 2nd. It is presented by FORM and is apart of a triple bill called Common Anomalies.

“There is a million narratives going on at once, and to consume that every single day and forget that your narrative is also very important but not only that but that your narrative has to be made up from experience and experience doesn’t come from flicking through instagram and wishing or comparing or trying to familiarise or see yourself represented in that. like, fuck representation! it’s such a hard thing, yes we need to see ourselves represented in social media and on TV and in films and cinema but at the end of the day I also wanna see myself represented in the landscape and to see myself in the streets..  you have a community” Bhenji Ra
we talk about:


quotes from the discussion:

“i’m offering a different narrative, that’s all” BR

“rise above and listen to your inner bad-bitch” BR

“was the conversation, Here’s some cash, go make some art?” – MC “yes! and that’s the conversation i wanna have for the rest of my life” BR

“self doubt is the biggest player in stifling yourself” BR

“everyday is a process of liberating myself  from what ever self hate i have” BR

“i just want an experience of myself that isn’t consumed and talked about int he public media as well.” – BR

“i can make this so fab and relevant.. and  you’ve just fucked it up” – BR

James Mangohig

James Mangohig is an ARIA nominated producer, as well as a bassist among many other things, from Darwin, Australia. BIO


we talk about:

  • being tired of the happy ending narrative
  • nature vs nurture
  • in between two – show
  • Sietta – band
  • the limits of access to gear in Darwin
  • skinny fish music
  • nooka
  • putting energy in ones home town
  • why Darwin?
  • looking to america and europe
  • asian-australian playing rock and hiphop music within indigenous contexts
  • philipino’s as islanders rather than asians
  • developing relationships through working with community
  • music being adopted by mulitple cultures
  • the natural musicianship in the bush – “the way people can argue in the bush” JM
  • the sound of records
  • “lots of people feel ownership of hiphop now” JM
  • the first person of colour i saw on stage was Quan from Regurgitator
  • having a muslim looking beard
  • working at Tivendale school inside Dondale prison
  • international quality standards
  • living in darwin and having a perspective on quality
  • how to hustle with integrity – having true relationships with people
  • race and gender in hiphop and writing/rapping about ones individual struggle
  • “i think the nurturing and development can happen here in australia” JM
  • being represented and feeling safe
  • Dr G Yunupingu and his legacy and intricacy of traditional music
  • Djalu music film
  • AB Original





River Lin

River Lin is a an artist and curator working across the fields of performing and visual arts. He was a facilitator during Matt’s involvement at YumLab, BrisAsia Festival 2017


we talk about:




Naomi Rukavina

Naomi Rukavina is an actor with design sensitivities. We met up at the Malthouse and spoke about:


  • performing at the sydney opera house
  • show – away
  • being excited to see people
  • yielding to the director
  • being intimidating
  • giant posters of oneself
  • work environments
  • greek mythology
  • asking why
  • what it is to be an actor
  • ego
  • aesthetic
  • trusting the team your working with
  • injury
  • going to hollywood
  • entertainment and the value of it
  • stigma around being an actor
  • helping people workout how to feel about life events
  • literacy with physical and mental self and social and cultural construct
  • class
  • working out what you want and what you’re into
  • “what is what i’m doing, doing to me?” Matt Cornell
  • extravert and intravert




other links:

Gavin Webber (part 2)

Gavin Webber is co-Artistic Director of THE FARM with Grayson Millwood, a company based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Throughout his career Gavin has worked between Australia and Europe and directed theatre, dance, circus, film and installation.


we talk about:

  • breathing
  • putting the body and the emotion against the mind
  • matt’s solo project
  • propaganda
  • show – Food Chain
  • show – Frankenstien
  • the knife edge between states and the way to shift between
  • vibration
  • “do you think that people are so simple that they can’t laugh at something funny and have other reactions at the same time?” – Gavin Webber
  • “if you can affect people’s breathing, then you’ve affected the body chemistry” Matt Cornell
  • trauma
  • show – Good Little Soldier
  • homogeneity in training
  • comedians
  • show – fish called wanda
  • the state of understanding requires at least a moment of agreeance
  • why bother? “we all have to have something to do” GW
  • bare bones dance festival
  • finding where you are inside chaos rather than avoiding
  • “there’s not joy in avoiding” – GW
  • “to be in the room” GW
  • show – Cockfight
  • “people don’t understand enthusiasm” – GW
  • explore/exploit arc
  • the power of novelty
  • “fiercely decide that you are the one that’s learning” GW
  • naivety and experience and resilience – a professional naivety
  • hitchhiking in America and in Australia
  • people being weird and endlessly fascinating









shows that Matt mentioned:

Gavin Webber (part1)

Gavin Webber is co-Artistic Director of THE FARM with Grayson Millwood, a company based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Throughout his career Gavin has worked between Australia and Europe and directed theatre, dance, circus, film and installation.


we talk about:

  • breathing
  • the knifes edge of entertainment and realisation
  • being in the room
  • hitch hiking
  • talent
  • living in Germany
  • “define so that you may refine” MC
  • “what you leave out is as important as what you put in” GW
  • “it’s a danger that we all start to move in one certain way rather than finding something” GW






Aaron (Projekt) Lim

Aaron (Projekt) Lim is a Bboy based in Darwin, Northern Territory. (You can catch him in Melbourne during the next few weeks as well)

We talk about:



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