Roslyn Helper – (Episode 197)

“art is an act of empathy” Roslyn Helper
“art generally is for everyone but not all art is for all people” – Roslyn Helper
“my thoughts are trying to explain something that I felt” – Roslyn Helper

[my aim is] “creating spaces in art to make those feelings and thoughts and experiences valid and hope that other people will empathise or understand.. and enter into that world to make it even more real” – Roslyn Helper

Roslyn Helper curates and makes art and performs art and makes music in bands and plays soccer and thinks deeply and speaks insightfully.

I thoroughly enjoyed thinking out loud with her about:

  • risk vs reward in artistic practice
  • trying to hack the human time scale and wondering what it would be like to make art as a 200-year-old
  • simultaneous time – (dance is one way to hack into non-linear time)
  • embodied reality
  • sharing time and space
  • the physiological reward of a having good conversation
  • speaking at the digital writers festival
  • AI art making
  • the politics of humans vs AI making art
  • navigating the embedded dominant paradigm of capitalism
  • assistive technology as a radicalising force
  • algorithmic bias
  • the politics of curating and hospitality
  • constant deferral of pleasure as a capitalist endeavour
  • abstraction of value
  • overcoming deferral
  • empathy as another way of thinking
  • empathy being scrutinised via privilege politics
  • programming club artists into art institution spaces
  • how to provide rigorous support to artists moving between cultural spaces
  • writing music
  • writing scripts for performance
  • keeping a written diary
  • using essays as a form to examine dubious hypotheses and centering emotional writing
  • wanting to be really really good at executing conceptual frameworks through creative expression
  • the unnecessary task of putting pressure on ourselves to speak to people who don’t want to listen
  • the importance of making art for your friends
All music in this podcast is composed and performed by Roslyn Helper
books mentioned:

umwelt collective

Umwelt Collective is Merinda Davies and Lowana-Skye Davies.


we talk about:

  • their show: Re:membering
  • collaborating
  • dance and other things around it
  • where the name umwelt came from
  • working process
  • costumes
  • relationships
  • installation
  • what is useful feedback
  • trying to find the flow
  • creative writing/poetry
  • suppression and consideration
  • being sisters and much more!



lucky lartey

“Are we dancing the way we want to dance?” LL
Lucky Larty is a dancer and artist and choreographer who grew up in Ghana and now lives in Sydney Australia. We talk about his current project “Full Circle” and all the threads that has lead to it.
things mentioned:
gumboot dancing
people asking “where are you from?”
converging lineages of tradition
people mentioned:
Frances Rings
Rachell Dade
Cassandra Merwood
other links:

Sammie Williams

Samantha Williams AKA Sammie D, is the co-director of Elements Collective, a performer, choreographer and educator across Contemporary and HipHop dance.


We talk about her upcoming show “One Way” and the process in the studio as well as the demands of being a mother and partner and teacher.

Serena Chalker

Serena Chalker is an award-winning independent artist and co-director of Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre.


We speak specifically about process and drive behind their latest work

“Dust on the Shortbread”

tickets here –



Taree Sansbury 2018

Taree Sansbury spoke to wombat radio a year ago about her upcoming work MI:WI  (can listen back to that here –

Now that Mi:Wi has premiered at NextWave Festival, Taree takes some time reflecting on how the process unfolded and her feelings around it.

Info about the work from program:

mi:wi is a new dance theatre work that will show a world where past and future are intertwined using contemporary indigenous dance technique and the cultural practice of weaving from the Ngarrindjeri people of South Australia.

As Mother Nature’s fate hangs by a thread, we find ourselves scrambling for a lifeline. Though sometimes tangled, the connection back to our ancestry might just hold the answer. ‘Mi:wi’ refers to the invisible ties we have to our past and future, people and country. In this arresting dance-based work, choreographer and dancer Taree Sansbury thoughtfully re-connects three Indigenous women through the practice of traditional Ngarrindjeri weaving.

Looking back and moving forward with a growing sense of urgency, mi:wi speaks to the impact of climate change on ways of life while emphasising the importance of the passing on of culture to future generations. With one eye on the future and the other on the past, Sansbury weaves strands of timeless indigenous wisdom through the fragmented madness of our times.

Venue: Main Hall, Northcote Town Hall
Tickets: FULL $28, CONCESSION $23

Choreographer/ Performer: Taree Sansbury
Performers: Caleena Sansbury, Katina Olsen
Ngarrindjeri Elder/ Cultural consultant: Phyllis Williams
Lighting Designer/Stage Manager: Cheryn Frost
Costume Designer: Peta Strachan
Mentor: Vicki Van Hout
Image: Jamie James


you can read a review of Mi:Wi here –


more info:

facebook event page

UNSW residency 

Performance Space (Sydney) Residency

DirtyFeet bio

ashley mclellen

Ashley Mclellan is an award winning dancer who is currently very busy with nothing.


we talk about:


  • living somewhere
  • doing
  • existing
  • counting the other asians in the room
  • photography
  • improvisation
  • time
  • curious about the present
  • true nature