Daisy Sanders

“why am i still here (dancing school) but it’s not interesting?” DS
“flow as opposed to routine” DS
“what i live becomes my art and what i make become my life” DS
“my resolve may be made of iron but i am not a machine” DS
-“the societal question comes after, and the physical investigation comes first” DS
-“theatre is always words, and words are often questions” DS

Ep 47:
Daisy Sanders is dance artist, performer and writer.
We talk about:
-undertaking surgery and understanding illness
chronic fatigue syndrome
-life through a lense of corporeality
-the show Status Room with Shuling Wong
-prepared flow
-“realising that my body is way ahead of me”
-the evolution of collaborative process
-her development showing at Northcote Town Hall – “The Human Race is a non-stop Race”
-having the sound designer in the studio
-BPM of dance music increasing over time
-grind on me – youtube link
-“a self soothing mechanism of adulthood” MC
-“the treadmill of life” DS
-“physicality as a communication is so powerful if you can listen to it and do it successfully” DS
-“i make work about societal questions” DS
-“my question is, as people, are we progressing or are we going around in circles?” DS
-“a strong need to physically connect” DS
-a backlash to the distance of ourselves from our bodies
-what does the vocabulary of dance have the potential to say?
-“everybody, every body” DS
-early creative development stage and what they look like
-physical exploration as a foundation that leads to a societal question
-“i figure if i don’t have it, i won’t need it” DS
-struggling with what is private and what is not
-a hunger for information
-“i couldn’t make somebody else do it the way that i do it so i learned a lot” DS
-the importance of specificity when making work
-‘always in development‘ – PACT picnic podcast link
-not knowing where and how
-“where is this performance manifest? what kind of audience might come?” DS
-taking time off post work
-being careful of things that bring happiness or inspiration
-learning ways to meet inspiration before it hurts

songs mentioned:

All the Time (feat. Lil Wayne, N.Mosley) – Jeremih

people mentioned:

Alex Harrison
Kate Denborough
Gerard Van Dyke
Byron Scullin (sound)
Julie Renton (costume)
Shuling Wong
Rhiannon Newtonprevious podcast link
Eric Harrison of Perth Meditation Centre
Jo Pollitt

books mentioned:

A Field Guide to Getting Lost – Rebecca Solnit
Wanderlust – Rebecca Solnit
Living Across and Through Skins – Shannon Sullivan


Melting Asphalt

more info:
Interview about The Human Race Is A Non-Stop Race residency
Interview about Status Room
Review of Status Room

Julian Renlong Wong

“I sort of just follow where the learning is” JW
“I have an abundance of attention for games” JW
“is learning the same thing as gaining more knowledge and understanding. i’m not sure that it is.” JW

Ep 46:

Julian Wong is a learner. He also performs music and dance. We talk about his ongoing practise and more including:

-how does calm happen
-going where the learning is
-operating with agency
-Important and not significant
-epiphany and surprise and shock
-dissolving of self and experience of transcendence
-playing an instrument and playing a game
-Settlers of Catan (Book) or (Game)
-”everything is a movement practise” JW
-how can i know?
-what are you paying attention to?
-some realizations are more tricky than others
-the intelligence of the body
Lizzy Thomson podcast link
-”maybe you don’t need to use the words the body” – Julie Peck
-“the back is often lost” – JW
The Potent Self – Moshe Feldenkrais (book)
-”if you don’t have a body, there is no such thing as right or left” – JW
Buckminster Fuller book – Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
-it’s much easier to see other people than it is to see yourself
-experiences that are unwordable
-words as triggers
-dropping significance
-”bringing more of myself into each one (practise). They are not separate from each other.” JW
-”Specialisation is for insects” (book)
-faculties is the word i was looking for.
-skills as part of identity
-the sensations of wholeness
Esther Perel (book) TED talk
-wanting until you have
buyers remorse
-the gift of desire
-”the use of wanting and the power of that” JW
-”better at wanting than we are at having” – MC
-addiction to learning or realization
Nonviolent communication festival – Denmark
Reinventing the Organisation book video
-”i don’t think it’s at all important to know anything at all, except for those moments of realization to springboard to the next one… asking the questions, i think that’s important” JW
-favourite question: “how is my contract with the ground” JW
-having meaning disassociated from work
Robert RodrigueziTunes link
-”you can’t do anything but meet someone where they are” JW

Claire Hicks

“I’m a brit so, sorry about that.” CH
“we’re all asking ourselves questions” CH
“it can’t only be about the people who come to the show” CH
-talking to artist about who they are and what they do beyond that particular next show” CH

Ep 45:

Claire Hicks has just taken up the helm of Critical Path. We have a chat about:

-the consideration of an apology is good
-guilt doesn’t help anyone
-big plans
-”civilization is only 4 meals from barbarianism
-”without trucks Australia stops
-Flicker – Porter Robinson Song Video
-Meri Otoshi – podcast link
-understanding the difference between important, urgent, loud, significant
-listening and doing
-no such thing as a “general public”
-engaging at different moments of the process
-travel guide to sydney book
the map that changed the world book
the master and margarita – Mikhail Bulgakov

sponge bob square pants movie
-artists working outside of making something
-having a strong foundation and scaffolding
-flourish instead of survive
-resources and finance trusting a board and management team over the artist
-the commercial arts sector
-being unknown even to oneself
-knowing your practice and the famous cat thought experiment
-having a consistent philosophy
what we do in the shadows movie by Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement
-meeting someone where they are
dauntless movement crew
force majeure
calisthenics now – youtube or book
-fairfield community arts centre
Bboy Lilou and his Tshirt
-”names don’t constitute knowledge” – richard feynman
-labels as a provocation for discussion but not an end in themselves
Australian Crawl – Boys Light Up

More info:

PACT Picnic #4

Forever in development. How to break the cycle?

PACT Centre of Emerging Artists hosted a picnic and discussion to mark the end of their Dancendents festival with ReadyMade Works.

Ep 44:

The provocation for this discussion:

“Ever been sucked into the creative development vortex? Is there such a thing as “over creating”? Is there an imbalance with creative development and presentation in your practice?
2, 3, or more year creative developments is a growing trend. Artists are making huge commitments in making certain works over a long period but where are the presentation opportunities? At this discussion, we’ll talk with expert artists and producers on when and how they stop making and start showing.”

Speakers: Kath Melbourne (Executive Producer, Legs on the Wall), Rhiannon Newton (Dancendents artist), Leah Landau (Dancendents artist), Narelle Benjamin (independent artist), Kym Vercoe (independent artist) and Katy Green Loughrey (Associate Producer, Talks and Ideas, Sydney Opera House).
Facilitated by Katrina Douglas (PACT AD/CEO) and Linda Luke (Associate Director ReadyMade Works).

some things mentioned:

-multiple projects overlapping
-devised theatre
-3 hour shows
-the demise of the interval
alain platel’s work (book links)
-show vs showing vs sharing
-fitting into the machine
-platforms for presentation
-fringe festivals Melb Syd Adelaide
-spaces for contemporary theatre have shifted more to being visual art spaces ie Performance Space
-the space between funding rounds
-hologram dancers as a cheaper alternative
-”it is a privilege being an artist because it’s fucking fantastic but it is a career, it’s a valid career choice” – Kym Vercoe
“then it’s not humbling it’s just shit” – Kym Vercoe

More info:

Kristina Chan (part 2)

“we don’t realize how much choice we do have” KC
“the big vision frightens me so much that i become stuck” KC

Ep 43:

Kristina Chan is one of Australia’s most well known and celebrated dancers of the past decade. She is also making work which we discussed in this podcast including:

-the importance of contemporary dance and performance
-live performance facilitating the practicing of empathy
-”a moment of being you”
-the future feeling daunting
-methods put in place so that we can continue
-wombat book I refer to – diary of a wombat – jackie french
-what’s cool now? i offer “being simultaneously compliant and at the same time skeptical of the system” MC
-acceptance by the system a sign of failing as an artist?
-an element of upheaval
-”what is giving up?”
-eating for the future
-making a masterpiece
“isn’t it impossible to attempt to create a masterpiece” KC
“you’re not in the work making the work, you’re outside of the work making the response that you want” KC
Sylvie Guillem and her pay

More info:

Kristina Chan (part 1)

“one facet of how i see the world is how i feel the world” KC
“we can’t do it on our own” KC
“it’s my life and i choose what to do with my life and it’s this” KC

Ep 43:

Kristina Chan is one of Australia’s most well known and celebrated dancers of the past decade. She is also making work which we discussed in this podcast including:

-choreographic research
-Atlanta Eke – previous guest
-norms and choreographic commissions
-how to handle projects bleeding into each other
-influencing your self/compartmentalizing
-it’s ok to be making the same show
-learning how to see the world at a very young age
-how do you see the world
-dance as motivated by a memory or feeling or imagined state
-feeling small in the world
-natural and imagined environments
-internal and external worlds
-motivation to dance
King Kunta – a song that makes Kristina wanna dance
-built and non-built environment
-imagined environments as a dancing partner
-dance is one aspect of my life
-”I do it for myself, and i hope i can be true to that” – KC
-minds being completely different
-dancing at the club
-life experience being a point of difference during auditions

More info:

Meg Hale and Georgie Meagher

“if you take away the arts, you’re taking away so much more than what you think you’re taking away” MH
“the risk is bigger for the artist than it is for us” GM

Ep 42:

Meg and Georgie are part of the team that make up #Next_Wave
We discussed art and making it happen.

-The book Georgie mentions: Are you working too much?
-The book i mention: Sophie’s World

More info: