Rebecca Jensen and Sarah Aiken – Ep 23

Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen managed to squeeze in some time to chat about their Dance Massive show Overworld.

We discuss:
– being busy
– dinner and a show (social integration)
– fake and real ceremony
– cynicism and faith
– doing things again, for the first time
– ritual
– what next?

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Tim Darbyshire – Ep 22

Tim Darbyshire gave an hour to Wombat Radio on the closing night of his Dance Massive season of “Stampede the Stampede”.
It was early morning and this is a slow discussion with lots of silent pauses but perhaps a nice alternative to catch phrase interviews that have become the norm on commercial radio.
We discuss:
– some ideas don’t need to be a dance show
– 4 year timelines
– recognisable value
– sensation based or visual aesthetic
– being audience
– the gap between the stage and the seat

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the collaborators Tim mentions:

Maija Hirvanen and Jarkko Partanen

Ep 21:

Maija Hirvanen and Jarkko Partanen squeeze in a chat with Wombat Radio between shows at Dance Massive in Melbourne. We discuss
– good and bad in relation to what?
– tattoos
– pace of cities and urban tempo
– national animals
– cool vs lame

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and some context for their time in Australia

Rhiannon Newton and Kynan Tan – Ep 20

Rhiannon Newton and Kynan Tan take some time with Wombat Radio to discuss their collaboration “Assemblies for one body” performing at Metro Arts in Brisbane.
We cover;
-robot dancers
-sound composition and programming
-stimulating vibrations

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Dean Cross – Ep19

Dean Cross is an artist based in Sydney. He spoke with wombat radio about playing the game, the dangers of celebrating obesity and his current work drawing parallels between the simultaneous events of the stolen generation and the generation lost to world war 1.

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Bravo Child – Ep18

Bravo Child is many things. He is Sydney based and constantly initiating. We talk briefly about value, and his day-per-vision structure as well as the fuel provided by novelty.

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Megan Clune – Ep17

Megan Clune is a composer, clarinetist, writer, curator and artist based in Sydney. In this episode we spend time thinking about sound and performer and audience as well as the day to day realities of anxiety-of-the-unknown, and the shifting of dreams. The entire podcast is also an audio tour of an average day walking through Marrickville.

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