Ivey Wawn

“life action practice” – IW
“something will happen” IW

Ep 36:

Ivey Wawn is a dancer based in Sydney. She has a practice deep with egalitarian structures and questions. We spoke about:

-What is the dance when the body’s not in it?
-the body meeting the dance after the dance exists
-further training vs “un-training”
-definition without exclusion
-equalizing ownership of the event
-wisdom of the crowd (by putting ego aside)
-the practice of everyday life and being disinterested
-virtual reality to supersede performers as the facilitator of vicarious experience
-”gurfing” = Girl Surfing

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Tim Roxburgh

“who pays for what? and why?” – TR

Ep 35:

Tim Roxburgh is interested in radio and interested in economy. He is currently producing for breakfast radio at the ABC. We met briefly after work to talk about:

-how people can live together
-the lay of the land regarding economic frameworks and political agenda
-the test tube is just too big
-listening to the experts & looking at the evidence and having informed economic opinion
-the flow of capitol vs people between nations
-theories that can not be resolved

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Rhiannon Newton – Ep 34

“it kinda feels like you’re watching the past a little bit” RN

Rhiannon Newton is a dance artist with an independent choreography and performance practice. We talk about:

-the premise of a performance
-experience in Avingnon
-what dance can do (in the world)
-social cues
-the spread of hiphop moves across cultures and geographies
-being bored in the audience

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Patricia Wood – Ep 33

Patricia Wood works in dance and is almost finished a masters of research (dance and anthropology). We talk about:

-considering the person in treatment of illness and disease
-personal responsibility and class mobility
-understanding her relationship across culture
-systemic racism
-recreations of historic events
-art as service
-hobby as career
-doing work that matters

Daniel Jenatsch – Ep 32

“you can find that done better elsewhere” DJ

Daniel Jenatsch is an artist, composer, musician and performer.
We had a very brief chat while he was working on two shows at the 2015 underbelly arts festival in Sydney mainly about time, affect and the way sound is experienced.
Hopefully another talk with Daniel will follow soon!

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Atlanta Eke – Ep 31

Atlanta Eke is a dancer and choreographer. She just presented work at the 2015 Underbelly Arts Festival in Sydney and gave us some of her lunch break to talk about collaborating, cars, logistic decisions vs creative decisions and more. This is a short discussion and hopefully we can catch up again with Atlanta soon!

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Sean Marcs – Ep 30

Sean Marcs is an Australian born dancer who is currently working in the UK. We had a chat about being a dancer, london vs sydney, distance and adventure, new ideas for his own work and much more.

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