Liesel Zink – Ep 9

“can’t hide behind high kicks”. A discussion with Liesel Zink about:

– the dignity of the dancer
– feeling under-qualified
– performance in public space

more at

Miranda Wheen and Matt Cornell – Ep 8

Miranda Wheen and Matt Cornell discuss their upcoming collaborative piece “Between Two and Zero” and Miranda’s solo piece “Its Time” during an interview at 2SER (radio) in Sydney, 1 week before premiere!
Radio Presenters are Jess and Caitlin.

Adelina Larsson – Ep 6

On the lawns of West Australian Academy of Performing Arts with Adelina Larsson.

– somatic delusion
– being stimulated
– intuition and making sense

more to come from Adelina!

Neridah Waters – Ep 5

On the very top level of the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts in Brisbane, Neridah Waters squeezes in some time to talk about

– undermining yourself for the sake of comedy
– bills and injuries
– the speed of the world

and many other things

Natalie Abbott – Ep4

on a short visit to the You Are Here festival in Canberra, i get to talk with Melbourne based maker Natalie Abbott.

Bojana Kunst


while in residence at Bundanon Trust for a Critical Path workshop The practice of Dramaturgy, Bonjana Kunst took some time for a chat

-how to affirm art outside the language of economy
-movement not only in service of change
-writing for communities


Daniele Constance


a conversation on the lawns of GOMA in Brisbane with Daniele Constance about making community and making art and not needing to compromise one for the other.