Neridah Waters – Ep 5

On the very top level of the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts in Brisbane, Neridah Waters squeezes in some time to talk about

– undermining yourself for the sake of comedy
– bills and injuries
– the speed of the world

and many other things

Natalie Abbott – Ep4

on a short visit to the You Are Here festival in Canberra, i get to talk with Melbourne based maker Natalie Abbott.

Bojana Kunst


while in residence at Bundanon Trust for a Critical Path workshop The practice of Dramaturgy, Bonjana Kunst took some time for a chat

-how to affirm art outside the language of economy
-movement not only in service of change
-writing for communities


Daniele Constance


a conversation on the lawns of GOMA in Brisbane with Daniele Constance about making community and making art and not needing to compromise one for the other.

Lizzie Vilmanis and Zaimon Vilmanis


while in Brisbane, a fun discussion about making and other great stuff with Lizzie Vilmanis and Zaimon Vilmanis.