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About Wombat Radio

Wombat Radio makes space for thinking out loud, taking an exploded view on choreography and dancing and music and composition and art and ideas and culture and society and perspective and making sense.

It’s made for people who collect articles/texts/books to read about art and artists and ideas but never find dedicated time to sit down and read them. It’s also made for the guests, people who have not yet rehearsed their origin story to death and who make work in non-language based forms because it makes more sense to them/they are more fluent outside of linguistics. It engages people all over the world and is heavily populated by artists with a relationship to Australia.

The Production

Wombat Radio has been running since January 2014 with over 200 guests. It’s an ongoing fight against ephemeral nature of performance, a repositioning of power and focus (from product to process/practise), a living archive and resource for the community of people who think through doing.

Wombat Radio has partnered officially (or unofficially through guerilla  opportunism) with events/organisations such as March Dance Festival, Supercell Festival, Metro Arts Brisbane, The Farm, BareBones, Baltic Circle, PspaceNY, IceHole, PonyExpress, Arts House Melbourne, BrisAsia Festival, PICA, King St Arts Centre, Legs On The Wall, Critical Path, ReadyMade Space, Judith Wright Center for Contemporary Arts, PACT Center for Emerging Art, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, AudioStage Podcast, RAFT @ High Tide Festival, TasDance, Stompin’ Youth Dance Company, University of New South Wales, City of Sydney, Dance Makers Collective, Next Wave Festival, Rimbun Dahun, BrandX, NOMAD> Time_Place_Space, Sipat Lawin Ensam, Bundanon Trust, Strange Attractor, Dance4, AusdanceNSW, Strut Choreographic Centre, QL2, Prying Eye, Jump mentor program.

Cast and Crew

Wombat Radio is recorded and edited by Matt Cornell

Intro/Outro music by The Mattmosphere (unless credited to the guest artist themselves such as Roslyn Helper and Corin Iletto.

Cover art by HyperReal Australia

Wombat Radio is recorded on location where each guest is currently working or living.

Assistant Editor Wendy Yu

The Founder

“I care about cultural phenomena and I care about the lived experience” – MC

Matt Cornell is an Australasian based artist who grew up in Darwin, on Larrakia land. He works through:



music and sound score


and discussion .

He is chronically busy with systems, especially cultural, and takes joy sorting arbitrary social-signalling constructs from the causal rituals that build, inform, define and perpetuate identity and community.

Matt’s recent projects include “I Learnt My Cultural Dance from YouTube”, the “GIF of Dance” and “The BLOKES Project” as well as recently publishing “Danced Together” and hosting “The Big Bounce”.

He gets excited by the challenge of trying to understand meta-phenomena while avoiding bullshit. (This is the foundation of his approach to discussion on  Wombat Radio). And he hopes to necessitate better stories to tell ourselves by asking better questions.

He believes in the power of non-spoken experience.

He hopes to invoke love.


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Podcast Details



Download / Subscribe:  The show can be listened to directly from the website, as well as downloaded, subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms, such as iTunes, overcast, google podcasts and spotify.  Short grabs are also released on youtube.

Schedule:  Wombat Radio interviews people in intense flurries surrounding festivals, residencies and other such gatherings. Episodes are released weekly, on Tuesdays at 8am (Australian CST, UTC+9:30)

Social Media:
Twitter:   @themattmosphere


Here is our trailer in mp3 format:
(transcript here)

Episode 0 – Trailer
Wombat Radio Podcast

And here is a 30 second promo clip in mp3 format:
(transcript here)

30 Second Promo Clip
Wombat Radio Podcast

Both audio clips along with their transcriptions are also available for download in the press kit .zip file.


Here is our trailer in video format:

And here is a 30 second promo clip in video format

What listeners are saying about Wombat Radio…

“Matt Cornell achieves something rare in the arts world — real conversations with professional artists that demystifies the creative process, opening it up to a broader audience. Great Australian podcast that focuses on real-world intersections of arts, politics and arts funding issues around the world. Essential.”

— Sponsored By Nobody

“Love this podcast … it’s fun it’s natural it’s informative … awesome resource for the arts and for artists !!! Have a listen, have a laugh, have some fun and listen to the Wombat Radio podcast !!!”

— Great wittle game

“Such a great podcast – creates an important platform for artists to share thoughts and ideas. Highly recommend you give it a listen!”

— madeleinetl

“Disclaimer: I have appeared on Wombat Radio BUT I am also an avid listener and love hearing about other artists’ processes. The in-depth discussions are inspiring for anyone with any kind of practice, artistic or otherwise. Highly recommended.”

— CultureCruncher

“This is an absolute treasure trove that more people should know about. can’t wait to get through them all….”

— Josh Hoare, Acrobat

“Wombat radio provides the perfect insight to an artist / dancers / choreographers practice. Such a valuable and unique resource to learn from and be inspired by.”

—Hillary Goldsmith

“Great podcast. Very original and informative while also being very lighthearted and funny. Excellent!”

— Sophie Barendse, Dancer/Choreographer

“A fantastic archive and resource of independent dance and dancers and dance-thought. A fascinating insight into various artistic processes.”

— darkside of the country

“This is an unprecedented conversational snapshot of creative dance practice in Australia, delving into processes of the leading dance practitioners of today and the choreographic stars of the future. If you are interested in expanding your creative practice and learning from a diverse wealth of experience, dive in.”


“A great way to hear from artists at all stages of their careers getting to grips with what they do, why they do it and the things that inspire them. It is also a fabulous record of the indie arts scene in Australia right now – often unsung artists getting some solid coverage. More of this!”

— bxtro

“Casual and insightful conversation about dance and all that goes into it. Artists talk about the reason behind their need to make, what they make, and how they do it. Nice way to fire up the curiosity and connect in with contemporary artists.”

— Cass Milford

“Hearing about other artist’s process inspires my craft in a number of ways. Wombat Radio explores multiple facets of a creative that introduces someone who was once a stranger into a professional whose work I would later refer to. I would recommend to any of my friends!”


“Think these are really fun, down to earth interviews about dance. Definitely worth checking out.”


“This is Awesome!! People should listen to it.”

—Tiffany Boomkamp, Singer

“Awesome resource for dancers, choreographers and artists. Beautiful moments of insight into some really interesting artists working in dance practices today. The conversational tone is humorous, witty, poignant, inspiring, gentle and passionate all at once. An archive in the making for the future of dance. Highly recommend.”

—Indigoh, Choreographer/Artist

“Not just because I have a definite soft spot towards Wombat but this podcast is very much enjoyable and needed. This is great hearing about the dance community from Australia. Simple and informative you get to learn more about dance and artists practices. It is very diverse and inclusive, chilled atmosphere for a great start to your day. I recommend!”

—Cloe Fournier, Dancer/Choreographer

“An amazing archive of thoughts and voices of so many dance makers and performers! It’s so great to sit down or have on whilst driving to hear about other dance practices and makers and their process. Love it!”


“Wombat radio is a safe space for artists to discuss all things art. These reflections are interesting insights into the lives of artists working on their own practice, what they’re dreaming about and what’s important to them. Matt is a legend, doing legend-like things! Have a listen:)”

—Taree May, Choreographer/Artist


Wombat Radio cover art and poster assets were designed by HyperReal Australia.

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Wombat Radio would like to acknowledge the generosity of each guest in their spirit of interrogating concepts in good faith (and giving their time without financial incentive).