Alice Gale-Feeny

“Seeing what can happen when we observe very basic things”

Alice Gale-Feeny

Alice Gale-Feeny is an artist working with performance, video, writing and facilitation. Interested in dialogical ways of working, non-theatrical techniques, processes of improvisation and the voice, her work examines the relations between individual subjective experience and shared space. 
We cover.

  • Commonalities between teaching and performing
  • How to Arrange Ourselves 
  • A consideration of space
  • Two Speakers, One Speaker (A Hall, A Room) 
  • Dialogue and discussion, David Bohm, On Dialogue
  • The suspension of disbelief
  • Feeling illiterate
  • Crafting performance and responsibility
  • Want to value self subjectivity by valuing others
  • Searching for conditions of connection
  • Putting faith in the situation
  • Starting a Masters in movement
  • weaving out embodied practise from bullshit
  • Questioning intention, discipline and ethics


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