Heta Keskinarkaus

“not to be a critic but to be a participant” – Heta Keskinarkaus
Heta Keskinarkaus is a musician and actress and performer and artist and producer on the side who is based in Helsinki, Finland.
we spoke about:
  • identifying yourself as a professional artist
  • studying contemporary performance art at helsinki university
  • research
  • reality research centre
  • being a musician
  • being an actress
  • making your first album
  • touring Finland
  • negotiating with yourself about where to concentrate your time
  • things needing time
  • finding your medium
  • building your conversation community
  • feeling safe to be sincere
  • how to make music – bring a proposal then play around then have a conversation afterwards
  • writing lyrics with a dramaturg
  • meditation to be aware of your own thoughts and opinions
  • being scared of acting but also dreaming about it
  • west side story
  • showdance
  • european championship on cheerleading in moscow
  • practising intimacy and empathy
  • subjectivity
  • climate change
  • hyperobjects and agency
  • performance art philosophy
  • language dictating how to think
  • legibility vs nuance
“i think we’re sleeping, so i would love people to wake up a bit” – Heta Keskinarkaus
“the way i show my vulnerability and emotion encourages others to show their vulnerability and emotion” – Heta Keskinarkaus
“being on the stage, being still me and working with the rules of the practise” –  Heta Keskinarkaus
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Matt Cornell is based in the Asia-Pacific region and grew up in Darwin, on Larrakia land. He works through dance, choreography, sound, photography, and discussion to question the arbitrary configuration of systems, and is passionate about overcoming cognitive bias... to ask better questions… to dissolve malignant social narratives.

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