Kareth Schaffer and Cathy Walsh

“I make dance pieces because I can think through everything that interests me”

Kareth Schaffer and Cathy Walsh are performers and makers living in Berlin. We met just after their season of Merkel, a dual performance of Angela Merkel and life sized cutouts of other world leaders to talk about the show, their process, the power of coming together and the skill of thinking together.

  • Dance in theatre art as operational or instrumental
  • Music and dance as dangers to leftist discourse
  • How is dance contributing to revolutionary change
  • Practicalities of Theresa May’s posture
  • Merkel dances
  • Underpromising and overdelivering as dancers
  • Disagreements and choosing battles
  • Movement practises that lead to epiphanies
  • How to circumnavigate the work process


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