Matt Cornell and Wendy Yu

“Look back and see the gallery that the body is”

Wendy Yu

Wendy Yu is a dance or movement artist based in Sydney. Her work has generally been centred around exploring dance outside of it’s theatrical context and placing it on a medium in which viewers may witness the intricacies of movement that bodies, in the space, may achieve. We cover.

  • Matt’s lineage and background
  • Designing interactive Jitter matrix patchworks
  • Apathetic movement
  • Binocular vision: sensing the phenomena and seeing the semiotics
  • Choreographing coding / Aleatoric choreography
  • Phenomenology of seeing dance
  • Charlie, Charlie
  • Having a sense of what could be
  • Working with choreographers that have an extra sense
  • Embodiment
  • ‘Independencies’, as an artist
  • Missing dancing
  • Gallery dance
  • Minisculisation of dance
  • The act of creating a pre-exisiting entity
  • Look back and see the gallery that the body is
  • Preferred methods of choreography: Matt
  • How can we systematise that magic that comes from movement
  • Being a magician or a wizard in choreography
  • The power of dance being in empathy and the notion of apathetic choreography
  • Choreographing for parents, colonial movements
  • Making cheap art
  • Making until you realise what you’re making
  • Valuing extraction to become an object outside of the self, to be viewed, restructuring it rather than restructuring you
  • Frontality
  • Hating Formula 1 into loving
  • Generating movement from data
  • Handling impulse and handling data


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