Sophia Ndaba 1 (recast)

“there’s something in creating that’s really powerful” SN
“i’d like to see something interrupt the way that we go about doing things” SN
“when i see shows i leave thinking, but why? why did you have to make that?” SN
“i generally have ideas when i listen to hiphop.. i feel confident, i feel like i need to move and thats the perfect ingredients for making things” SN
“generally an idea isn’t 100% shit” SN


Sophia Ndaba is an Australian contemporary dancer who travels the world performing, creating, learning and sharing. She has an individual style influenced from training in acting and hip-hop in her early years.


things mentioned:

understanding comics


missy elliot
eryka badu – soldier
the herd – i was only 19
i take you to the candy shop
wutang – gravel pit
the revolution will not be televised

political mother – hofesh schechter
chunky move – depth of field + complexity of belonging (w/ folk ricter)
the Beyond BLOKES project
syncing feeling – kyle page and amber haines
mortal engine
south park

james shannon
request crew
richard fynman

“how we position ourselves to be exposed to the right things” Matt Cornell
“how to situate the need and power of dance that falls outside of other genres”
mc – people being together outside of spoken language
“how to you know when you’ve tested an idea?” Matt Cornell

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Matt Cornell is based in the Asia-Pacific region and grew up in Darwin, on Larrakia land. He works through dance, choreography, sound, photography, and discussion to question the arbitrary configuration of systems, and is passionate about overcoming cognitive bias... to ask better questions… to dissolve malignant social narratives.

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