Sophia Ndaba

“We can easily fool ourselves to thinking we’ve created something new”

Sophia Ndaba

Sophia Ndaba is a dance theatre, site specific, community outreach, object and installation and collaborator with live musicians and other multidisciplinary artists. Sophia is a founding member of the Dance Makers Collective, a group of independent dance artists in Sydney who collaboratively choreograph and produce contemporary dance work. 
We cover.

  • Searching through how we really feel, and how it manifests physically
  • Acknowledging and communicating authentic emotion and frustration
  • Being frustrated with Matt!
  • Movement being a processing tool
  • Keeping our ego in a safe place of questioning
  • How do you know what has value
  • Allow for people’s dances
  • Projection and perspective
  • Having fixed mindsets and growth mindsets
  • subscribing to magic and mystery

“Allow for people’s dances and how they came about”

“Keeping our ego in a safe place of questioning”

Sophia Ndaba


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