Vicki van Hout: dancing on a cultural knife edge (UNSW reshare)

“Either I’m exoticising or I’m showing you something horrific”

– Vicki van Hout

“how can i show that time is passing and nothing is happening before the audience gets really bored?”

– Vicki van Hout

“the physicality houses those other investigations… anyone can make up dance really quickly, you can make up different systems of movement, but it’s those other considerations that are really exciting”

– Vicki van Hout

“what gets me with the postmodernist thing is that we negate the aesthetic as if the aesthetic has no place”

– Vicki van Hout

vicki van hout - photo by Heidrun Löhr
vicki van hout – photo by Heidrun Löhr

This is a repost from UNSW within the permission of CC licensing in the hope of making it easily accessible in podcast format. OC at this address:

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Title/Name – Interview with Vicki van Hout, Part 2
Production company – UNSW
Region – Sydney, Australia
Date – 2019
Erin Brannigan interviews Vicki van Hout for the exhibition In Response: Dialogues with RealTime at UNSW Library Gallery, Feb-April 2019. PART 2:
0:00-16:30 Indigenous protocols (traditional dances,Tony and Heather From Elcho Island, Woonan Williams from Mornington Islands, Torres Strait Islander dances, WAAPA students dancing for NAIDOC ‘Dirt Dances’)
16:30-18:00 ‘Plenty Serious TALK TALK’
18:00-19:30 ‘Long Grass’
19:30-30:00 Movement vocabulary (comparisons between indigenous dance and classical ballet,traditional gender differences, fight and flight, rhythm, Suny Townson)
30:20-31:50 ‘Long Grass’
31:50-33:10 The performing subject ( ‘Les Festivités Lubrifier’ and ‘Plenty Serious TALK TALK’, American postmodern dance and neutrality)
34:40-35:40 Hip hop (Antony Hamilton, appropriation)
35:40-37:00 Joshua Pether and assimilation
37:15-end sculptural works for the stage (preparing the space and yourself for the performance in traditional dance, ‘Pack,’ ‘TALK TALK’ sculpture.)
Extent – 00:55:51
Language – English
Copyright – UNSW Sydney
Permissions – This work can be used in accordance with the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. Please see

part 1 of the interview here:,exact,Vicki%20van%20Hout%20-%20interviewee,AND&sortby=rank&mode=advanced


  • long grass
  • martin del amo
  • garry lester
  • plenty serious talk talk
  • tess de quincey
  • postmodernism
  • torres strait

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