Gavin Webber (part 2)

Gavin Webber is co-Artistic Director of THE FARM with Grayson Millwood, a company based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Throughout his career Gavin has worked between Australia and Europe and directed theatre, dance, circus, film and installation.


we talk about:

  • breathing
  • putting the body and the emotion against the mind
  • matt’s solo project
  • propaganda
  • show – Food Chain
  • show – Frankenstien
  • the knife edge between states and the way to shift between
  • vibration
  • “do you think that people are so simple that they can’t laugh at something funny and have other reactions at the same time?” – Gavin Webber
  • “if you can affect people’s breathing, then you’ve affected the body chemistry” Matt Cornell
  • trauma
  • show – Good Little Soldier
  • homogeneity in training
  • comedians
  • show – fish called wanda
  • the state of understanding requires at least a moment of agreeance
  • why bother? “we all have to have something to do” GW
  • bare bones dance festival
  • finding where you are inside chaos rather than avoiding
  • “there’s not joy in avoiding” – GW
  • “to be in the room” GW
  • show – Cockfight
  • “people don’t understand enthusiasm” – GW
  • explore/exploit arc
  • the power of novelty
  • “fiercely decide that you are the one that’s learning” GW
  • naivety and experience and resilience – a professional naivety
  • hitchhiking in America and in Australia
  • people being weird and endlessly fascinating









shows that Matt mentioned:

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Matt Cornell is based in the Asia-Pacific region and grew up in Darwin, on Larrakia land. He works through dance, choreography, sound, photography, and discussion to question the arbitrary configuration of systems, and is passionate about overcoming cognitive bias... to ask better questions… to dissolve malignant social narratives.

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