Patricia Wood, Pepa Ubera, Carla Zimbler – march dance

Patricia Wood, Pepa Ubera, Carla Zimbler meet to speak about their respective projects as part of March Dance Festival 2019


  • float tanks
  • anthropocene
  • live performance
  • physical experience and lag
  • coffee and melbourne
  • telepathy
  • DirtyFeet
  • turning up and engaging

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Patricia Wood’s Transmission Solo: tools for telepathy and conjuring sensation, an experimental dance performance that incorporates radio transmission as a source of poetics, transmitting movement across time, space and social memory.

Carla Zimbler (with collaborator Mikaela Stafford) is curating РPACT Salon: SLURP! is an exploration of sensory response and nostalgia, engaging with the five senses to fully engage and immerse the body in a liminal space. It encourages self-discovery, asking the audience to peer inwards, meditate on sensations of touch, taste, sight, smell and sound as they weave between A/V chambers that inspire dialogue and emotional connectedness. SLURP! is both a study of sensory processing and an environment that provides sanctum from external noise and visual disturbance.

Pepa Ubera is a freelance dance artist based in London who’s project Charco is a call for care in order to deal with the anthropogenic changes that WE, humans have caused on Earth. Pepa has been searching and designing choreographies that challenge places of stagnation in society (charcos) and the behaviours that stop us from thinking of life as a space of wonder and experimentation. Socio-political choreographic practices have the potential to empower people by asking them to trust their caring and intellectual capacities. This research embraces choreography as the capacity to read the body of society in an anthropological way, to recognise what is currently at stake, to see which problems need attention and how social constraints are supported by the body..¬†

Emma Harrison and Eliza Cooper – march dance

Eliza Cooper and Emma Harrison meet up to speak about their respective pieces in March Dance Festival 2019.


“stars and planets dripping from our fingers”

Eliza Cooper



“Life is creative development”

T-shirt by Emma Harrison

  • Woman as product in mass consumption
  • costume and set and grand aesthetic
  • maximalism
  • art history
  • working with text
  • poems
  • wizards
  • the bachelor TV show
  • sedentary vs physical
  • dance¬†being underground and elitist





JK Anicoche

“whether you be in a third world country or a first world country the struggles are real man, our convictions towards the struggle are real and relatable and¬† somewhere there we connect in the language of empathy and the language of detesting apathy”

JK Anicoche

Image result for jk anicoche

“it’s always nice to know that people wish you well” – JK


JK Anicoche – – is a Manila-based performance-maker, curator,¬†storyteller¬†and educator. We spoke briefly during Monsoon Australia at Bundanon Residency (organised by Critical Path and Kobolt Works and Not Yet It’s Difficult) about:


  • transition
  • choreographing the public
  • synchronicity
  • the novelty of silence
  • “affairs of the art”¬†JK Anicoche
  • participating in something bigger than all of us
  • wombats
  • empathy and apathy


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Vicki van Hout: dancing on a cultural knife edge (UNSW reshare)

“Either I’m exoticising or I’m showing you something horrific”

–¬†Vicki van Hout

“how can i show that time is passing and nothing is happening before the audience gets really bored?”

–¬†Vicki van Hout

“the physicality houses those other investigations… anyone can make up dance really quickly, you can make up different systems of movement, but it’s those other considerations that are really exciting”

–¬†Vicki van Hout

“what gets me with the postmodernist thing is that we negate the aesthetic as if the aesthetic has no place”

–¬†Vicki van Hout


vicki van hout - photo by Heidrun Löhr
vicki van hout Рphoto by Heidrun Löhr


This is a repost from UNSW within the permission of CC licensing in the hope of making it easily accessible in podcast format. OC at this address:

Event info at the March Dance website:

Title/Name –¬†Interview with Vicki van Hout, Part 2
Contributor –¬†Vicki van Hout – interviewee
Production company –¬†UNSW
Region –¬†Sydney, Australia
Date –¬†2019
Erin Brannigan interviews Vicki van Hout for the exhibition In Response: Dialogues with RealTime at UNSW Library Gallery, Feb-April 2019. PART 2:
0:00-16:30 Indigenous protocols (traditional dances,Tony and Heather From Elcho Island, Woonan Williams from Mornington Islands, Torres Strait Islander dances, WAAPA students dancing for NAIDOC ‘Dirt Dances’)
16:30-18:00 ‘Plenty Serious TALK TALK’
18:00-19:30 ‘Long Grass’
19:30-30:00 Movement vocabulary (comparisons between indigenous dance and classical ballet,traditional gender differences, fight and flight, rhythm, Suny Townson)
30:20-31:50 ‘Long Grass’
31:50-33:10 The performing subject ( ‘Les Festivit√©s Lubrifier’ and ‘Plenty Serious TALK TALK’, American postmodern dance and neutrality)
34:40-35:40 Hip hop (Antony Hamilton, appropriation)
35:40-37:00 Joshua Pether and assimilation
37:15-end sculptural works for the stage (preparing the space and yourself for the performance in traditional dance, ‘Pack,’ ‘TALK TALK’ sculpture.)
Extent –¬†00:55:51
Language –¬†English
Copyright –¬†UNSW Sydney
Permissions –¬†This work can be used in accordance with the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. Please see


part 1 of the interview here:,exact,Vicki%20van%20Hout%20-%20interviewee,AND&sortby=rank&mode=advanced



  • long grass
  • martin del amo
  • garry lester
  • plenty serious talk talk
  • tess de quincey
  • postmodernism
  • torres strait


Omer Backley-Astrachan and Renae Shadler

“connecting this human midlife crisis to the ecological crisis”

Renae Shadler



Renae and Omer discussing their separate involvement in March Dance Festival - 2019
Renae and Omer discussing their separate involvement in March Dance Festival Р2019



Renae Shadler  is working with Maria Nurmela  Р(also podcasted on wombat radio), Kalle Ropponen and Samuel Hertz .


“I’m trying to figure out what i’m doing, through this work.”

РOmer Backley-Astrachan


Omer Backley-Astrachan is making work performed by Allie Graham, Jess Goodfellow, Renata Commisso, Sharon Backley-Astrachan called Terrarium.

tickets at double-dance 




  • palais de tokyo¬†–¬†
  • daniel kitson¬†–¬†
  • manchester
  • victorian college of the arts
  • Berlin
  • Critical Path



Richard Cilli and Melinda Tyquin on March Dance Festival


“And what a revolutionary act it is to be doing those things, as a body, in today‚Äôs society, to be able to experience science and literature and poetry and emotion and any other concept that we might understand cognitively as humans¬†and experience it physically! and that‚Äôs a gift and a small rebellion in this society, it‚Äôs easy to forget you do have this seperate skill and that we are these wizards…‚ÄĚ

– Richard Cilli


Richard Cilli and Melinda Tyquin interview each other about their involvement in March Dance Festival 2019. –¬†


Richard covers his premiere independent work¬†Recital. A collaboration with Claire Edwardes with direction from Gideon Obarzanek, lighting from Ben ‘Bosco’ Shaw and sound by Claire Edwardes and DJ extraordinaire Paul Mac –¬†

Screenshot 2019-02-17 14.50.13




Melinda talking about her work with DirtyFeet‚Äôs¬†The Right Foot¬†program. and the excellent team she gets to work with! –¬†

“when I watch people walking down the street, I wonder if they have ever waved their body like a candle and sunk to the ground like a puddle of ice melting, like what would that feel like to never have done those things before‚Ķ “

– Melinda Tyquin

Melinda Tyquin 4

image credit: Hayley Rose Photography


“to encourage all bodies to move and to move together and to not be afraid of not being¬†the¬†same or feeling¬†the¬†same or looking¬†the¬†same, to experience movement in its true form”

– Melinda Tyquin






Heta Keskinarkaus

‚Äúnot to be a critic but to be a participant‚ÄĚ –¬†Heta¬†Keskinarkaus
Heta Keskinarkaus is a musician and actress and performer and artist and producer on the side who is based in Helsinki, Finland.
we spoke about:
  • identifying yourself as a professional artist
  • studying contemporary performance art at helsinki university
  • research
  • reality research centre
  • being a musician
  • being an actress
  • making your first album
  • touring Finland
  • negotiating with yourself about where to concentrate your time
  • things needing time
  • finding your medium
  • building your conversation community
  • feeling safe to be sincere
  • how to make music – bring a proposal then play around then have a conversation afterwards
  • writing lyrics with a dramaturg
  • meditation to be aware of your own thoughts and opinions
  • being scared of acting but also dreaming about it
  • west side story
  • showdance
  • european championship on cheerleading in moscow
  • practising intimacy and empathy
  • subjectivity
  • climate change
  • hyperobjects and agency
  • performance art philosophy
  • language dictating how to think
  • legibility vs nuance
‚Äúi think we‚Äôre sleeping, so i would love people to wake up a bit‚ÄĚ –¬†Heta Keskinarkaus
‚Äúthe way i show my vulnerability and emotion encourages others to show their vulnerability and emotion‚ÄĚ – Heta¬†Keskinarkaus
‚Äúbeing on the stage, being still me and working with the rules of the practise‚ÄĚ –¬† Heta Keskinarkaus
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