Megan Clune (2017)

Megan Clune is World’s Only. Megan fluidly shifts between musician, composer and artist. Primarily, her work consists of a dissection of musical elements and contexts through verbal or text-based scores, sound installation and collaboration.


we talk about:







Ian Sinclair

Ian Sinclair is a writer and artist. We met up at UnderBelly Arts Festival and talk about:



Victoria Chiu

Victoria Chiu is a dancer-choreographer.


we cover:

  • living in northcote, melbourne, australia.
  • fragile white men – show
  • having enough time to get lost in thought
  • growing up in australia
  • first nations, white australia policy and refugee policies
  • connecting beyond the mainstream
  • there being more than one language
  • collaborating in singapore and shanghai
  • “the default should be that anyone could be from Australia” VC\
  • denying violent past
  • “what is left in the body” VC
  • “the body doesn’t lie” VC
  • dance culture
  • graduating VCA in 2000
  • transforming a nowhere into ‘the space’
  • Hyper Fragility – with Candy Bowers
  • having a foundation for our shared culture
  • privilege
  • fairness and capitalism
  • family history in shanghai and war and hongkong
  • thinking dancers vs machines
  • following the work and what that work needs and wants




Viola Iida

Viola Iida is a Sydney-based independent artist and has most recently worked with Sydney Dance Company as an Associate Artist. She performed “Crazy Times” choreographed by Antony Hamilton in the Sydney Opera House, and toured the work.


we talk about:

  • going through SDC PPY
  • choosing challenges
  • being a weird child
  • learning repetiour
  • doing workshops
  • underbelly arts – with Amrita Hepi and Honey Long and Prue Stent
  • collaborating with a VJ and Thermin player
  • taking care of self
  • the financial cost of improving/training
  • 3D printing
  • outside hobbies as skill development – ceramics
  • seeking validation from outside eyes can be poisonous.


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Rockie Stone


Rockie Stone is an australian circus performer with a drive to create art with her body.



I actually think that this book is a must-read, for everyone who calls themselves Australian. Important business, to know history. It affects the present, and the perception of it defines the future.


we talk about:


  • loitering historically
  • her show – perhaps hope  – cluster arts
  • australia
  • hope
  • edinborough fringe
  • adelaide fringe
  • fright or flight
  • literacy
  • remembering dreams
  • dark emu by bruce pascoe – book about agriculture
  • cultural speedbumps
  • how to observe
  • being a perfectionist
  • seeking the things that buzz your cells


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Ellen Davies

Ellen Davies works regularly as a performer for choreographic artists. Currently Ellen is interested in the social and cultural constructs of western-based dance performance practices, a history irremovable from the formation of her self-identity.

we talk about:


  • good friends
  • being professional
  • dancemassive – being bitten in performance
  • making videos dancing in the bedroom
  • life modelling
  • dancing and thinking
  • deep sea dancers/bec jensen
  • learning how to work
  • inspiration – films, books, perforance works, people, nature
  • intelligence in different forms
  • recognising what’s already happening my body
  • fail vids
  • working, money and changing the world
  • imagining doing other things – like becoming a doctor
  • the trauma of ballet culture
  • show – roadkill
  • hoping for a fun life
  • when heros turn out to be your peers


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Bhenji Ra (recast)

Bhenji Ra is premiering a show on November 2nd. It is presented by FORM and is apart of a triple bill called Common Anomalies. we talk about:


quotes from the discussion:

“i’m offering a different narrative, that’s all” BR

“there is a million narratives going on at once, and to consume that every single day and forget that your narrative is also very important but not only that but that your narrative has to be made up from experience and experience doesn’t come from flicking through instagram and wishing or comparing or trying to familiarise or see yourself represented in that. like, fuck representation it’s such a hard thing, yes we need to see ourselves represented in social media and on TV and in films and cinema but at the end of the day i also wanna see myself represented in the landscape and to see myself in the streets.. if you have a community” BR

“rise above and listen to your inner bad-bitch” BR

“was the conversation, Here’s some cash, go make some art?” – MC “yes! and that’s the conversation i wanna have for the rest of my life” BR

“self doubt is the biggest player in stifling yourself” BR

“everyday is a process of liberating myself  from what ever self hate i have” BR

“i just want an experience of myself that isn’t consumed and talked about int he public media as well.” – BR

“i can make this so fab and relevant.. and  you’ve just fucked it up” – BR