Antony Hamilton

Antony Hamilton designs dance.


we talk about:


  • cultural traditions
  • science fiction cinema concept art
  • animatronics
  • mimicry as choreographic tool
  • respecting someone’s efforts
  • instagram
  • driving a vision
  • making shows
  • working with a team
  • making definitive visual aesthetic choices
  • becoming friends with the professionals you look up to
  • being optimistic and believing in people
  • “I like to read popular philosophy… and historical theory about where we’ve come from and where we’re going” – AH






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jenni large

Jenni Large is a phenomena! Dance floods through her as embodied thinking and generous gift to the world.


We caught up to speak about her recent development white woman. And then slide into thinking aloud on the world we find ourselves in and how we move through it.


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Lene Bang and Jon R. Skulberg

Lene Bang and Jon R. Skulberg had a chat with Wombat Radio during their time in Brisbane, Australia for SuperCell Dance Festival and BareBones workshop at The Farm.


We talk about works and working and the impact of the context and relationships surrounding ones efforts.


note: there is sometimes a noisy background (children crying etc) which has been intentionally left in place because of the way it refreshingly undermines our own self-importance and highly the abstract and conceptual nature of our discourse.

ben ely

Ben Ely makes music and art and loves jamming with people across forms.



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Megan Clune (2017)

Megan Clune is World’s Only. Megan fluidly shifts between musician, composer and artist. Primarily, her work consists of a dissection of musical elements and contexts through verbal or text-based scores, sound installation and collaboration.


we talk about:







Ian Sinclair

Ian Sinclair is a writer and artist. We met up at UnderBelly Arts Festival and talk about:



Victoria Chiu

Victoria Chiu is a dancer-choreographer.


we cover:

  • living in northcote, melbourne, australia.
  • fragile white men – show
  • having enough time to get lost in thought
  • growing up in australia
  • first nations, white australia policy and refugee policies
  • connecting beyond the mainstream
  • there being more than one language
  • collaborating in singapore and shanghai
  • “the default should be that anyone could be from Australia” VC\
  • denying violent past
  • “what is left in the body” VC
  • “the body doesn’t lie” VC
  • dance culture
  • graduating VCA in 2000
  • transforming a nowhere into ‘the space’
  • Hyper Fragility – with Candy Bowers
  • having a foundation for our shared culture
  • privilege
  • fairness and capitalism
  • family history in shanghai and war and hongkong
  • thinking dancers vs machines
  • following the work and what that work needs and wants