(my view) From Here – Artist Provocation and Conversation

Co-facilitated by artists Matt Cornell and Courtney Coombs, Metro Arts Brisbane presents (my view) From Here: Artist Provocation and Conversation and invites you into the conversation.

Artists Nasim Khosravi, Kinly Grey, Susan Hawkins and Martyn Coutts each question something of vital importance to them as an artist, an individual, a member of our community, articulate their personal view and invite you to question and converse.

What is your view – what do you see, what have you witnessed and experienced, what do you feel…Consider, what is your view from here and now?

Finn O’Branagáin

Finn O’Branagáin is a playwright, storyteller and dramaturg. She is interested in how ancient and universal myths and legends can be modern, personal and urgent.

we cover:

  • her show selkie
  • what the world needs
  • systemic social issues
  • training
  • perth, sydney, darwin
  • getting a dog
  • writing a play vs making it real




Anna Massoni

Anna Massoni is a dancer based in Paris.

She worked as an interpreter for JOJIINC / Johanne Saunier, Jim Clayburgh and Yuval Pick (of which she joined the permanent company at the Rillieux-la-Pape CCN in 2011) and currently dances with Noé Soulier.

She also studied philosophy and pursued her own work of choreographic creation as well as a work of research and improvisation with Vania Vaneau.

She participated in the creation of LIEUES with five other artists in Lyon, and in the creation of the magazine RODÉO.



we talk about:




Michelle Aitken

Michelle Aitken makes dance and writes and thinks. We caught up in Perth and talk about:


  • her show milk, moonlight
  • facebook articles
  • milo for breakfast
  • eternal doubt
  • meaning
  • cats
  • wikipedia
  • beanie babies and stock market bubbles
  • spreadsheets
  • having a director
  • performing in a cathedral
  • SOS




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Jacinta Larcombe

Jacinta Larcombe is a performer and visual artist based in Perth. We cover:


  • performing
  • painting
  • taking care of self
  • what needs to be done
  • cartoons
  • childlike but with adult content
  • camgirl culture
  • exhibitionism with seperation
  • ecosexual bathhouse
  • costume and papiermache
  • alteregos
  • learning how to sit still


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Jamie Lewis (part 2)

Jamie Lewis makes and performs works that are centered around stories, conversation, and food. We cover:


  • being careful with word choice
  • synthesis of experience as a way of being understood
  • thinking in textures
  • cohesion in communities
  • practising uncomfortability
  • virtuosity
  • the superpower of listening


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Jamie Lewis (part 1)

Jamie Lewis makes and performs works that are centered around stories, conversation, and food. We cover:


  • working through ideas
  • eating roadkill
  • stimulation, busyness and dreaming
  • being a city kid
  • professional artist = tradesmanship
  • hosting as performance
  • connecting the dots
  • how to listen
  • autonomy at young age
  • picking your battles
  • false dichotomies




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