Kevin Chin

Kevin Chin is an Australian painter set to open a show 2nd to 26th may in Sydney at Martin Browne Contemporary.

We speak about his upcoming show Structural Equality as well as minority representation, immigrant realities, demand and supply in high art markets, writing a thesis on gay marriage, the personal being political and so much more.

“Trying to invite people into a different dimension… where nationalistic borderlines aren’t so apparent”

Kevin Chin


other things discussed include:

  • sexuality
  • being Malaysian-Australian
  • having residencies in USA/CAN/NZ
  • living in Britain
  • meritocracy and alternatives
  • how to conceive of place beyond nationhood
  • non-white nationalism
  • being a man
  • painting about these things what what it does? to you? to the world?
  • aesthetic SCI FI/ fantasy/ dystopia/ playful dreams 
  • making books
  • putting ones self and/or partner in their work?
  • minority representation
  • writing
  • lump sum payments
  • Carol Hanisch – “the personal is political”
  • how to be less stupid about race – book
  • russell petersyoutube

full bio:

Kevin Chin’s vibrant paintings assemble fragments from across continents, to test how unprecedented transnational flows shape our place in the world. He intertwines landscapes and repositions cultural references, to explore how place forms fluidly in the consciousness, superseding geography. He examines postnationalism, advocating for social inclusiveness, at a time of global migrant crisis and political swings back to conservative nationalist ideals. Atmospheric in scale, his paintings merge the everyday with the otherworldly, to create borderless, wondrous new territories.

Kevin Chin is the winner of the 2018 Albany Art Prize (WA), the winner of the 2015 Bayside Prize (Melbourne), runner-up at the 2014 Redland Award (Brisbane), and has been shortlisted widely in national prizes including the Arthur Guy Prize (VIC), John Leslie Prize (VIC), Fisher’s Ghost Award (NSW), Gold Coast Prize (QLD) and Fleurieu Prize (SA).

Chin’s international profile includes solo exhibitions at Teton Artlab USA (2017), Art Stage Singapore (2014) and Youkobo Art Space Tokyo (2014). He has been awarded multiple grants from the Australia Council, Ian Potter Cultural Trust, City of Melbourne, and National Association for the Visual Arts. Chin has been featured on the cover of Art Collector, and numerous times in Art Monthly and The Age. Institutional collections include Artbank, Bayside Council VIC, City of Albany WA, RACV, and La Trobe University Museum of Art.

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