Exploded View discussion on contemporary practice with interesting people.
Often artists working with choreography or performance, but not always.
Wombat Radio hopes to archive sentiment over time by asking:
  • what are you thinking about, busy with, working on?
  • how ? (how can one think or affect?)
  • why ? (what is your biggest hope?)
  • who else are you looking to? what inspires you?
It is:
  • in some small part a battle against the ephemeral nature of dance and live performance and the discourse surrounding it.
  • in some part mobilising the voices of interesting practitioners, creators or artists who are not yet entrenched enough to be validated by the “prestige” of mainstream media sources.
  • forming a part of my practise in asking better questions of myself, of my colleagues and of the medium of live (and often non-spoken) performance.
  • a provocation to the artist, a push for deep reflection, macro and micro. Often great thoughts and conversations happen after the initial podcast and would not have happened without the sacred space facilitated by this construct.
Text vs Podcast format – I began compiling texts from artist, but reading takes dedicated time that people don’t have. Wombat Radio can be a part of your commute or cleaning activities or workout etc.
Longform – An unedited discussion rather than distillation of grabs is an effort towards meeting the people where they are, hearing them think, and giving a listener time to consider their own position on the matter. (Even though I often listen to longform podcasts at 2x speed – apparently we can listen a lot faster than talk)
I must acknowledge the tri-genesis of the idea:


these are some of the is the simple tech setups used.

Simple over-the-phone interview/podcasting setup (for Zoom)
Simple over-the-phone interview/podcasting setup
(for Zoom)
how to podcast with no studio (with or without mics)

other projects of Matt Cornell

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