Wombat Radio is:

Exploded View discussion on contemporary practice with interesting people.
Often artists working with choreography or performance, but not always.
It hopes to archive sentiment over time by asking:


  • what are you doing? what do you hope that is doing?
  • how are you doing it?
  • why are you doing it? what is your biggest hope?



  • Creativity on tap ★★★★★
    Such great conversations and an incredible growing archive of contemporary artists, their creative process, their views and opinions on life and so much more! Always an entertaining listen.
    By Gabriel Comerford for Version
  • Wandering minds ★★★★★
    A great way to hear about artistic practise and what people are thinking about in a more spontaneous natural way rather than reading a text or watching a video on a website. I look forward to hearing more 🙂
    By r.wy. for Version
  • Womberful! ★★★★★
    Wombat Radio is a lovely and intimate insight into wonderful geniuses in Sydney and beyond. Caring and inspiring. Highly recommended!
    By Rombat3000 for Version
  • Everything you ha e always wanted to ask ★★★★★
    Any artist or maker should listen to this show. It goes deep into the creative journey in the way you always wish you could.
    By nez.ross for Version
  • get into it! ★★★★★
    Wow. Wombat radio is a perfect podcast for independent artists around australia. Often we wonder how other artists come to achieve great things, or simply how they live day to day, their lows and their highs. It is an insightful approach for artists to connect through personal experiences and thoughts about their unique career and the life and people that surround them. A must listen! Get onto it.
    By iidanotLida for Version
  • Wombat radio rocks ★★★★★
    Insightful, energetic record of dance/embodiment focused artists in Australia. Also historical record for the artists themselves - capturing their own shifts over years! A range of diverse practices, experiences and approaches are explored in a rigorous yet casual and playful way. Go wombat radio, essential stuff.
    By Daisy Sanders 28 for Version
  • A must listen for independent artists ★★★★★
    Insightful, inspiring and intelligent insights into the independent artists’ introspection. Matt is fantastic host who is able to create a relaxed and open platform for humour and honesty.
    By pavlovadancer for Version
  • Outstanding!! ★★★★★
    I am a total Womat Radio junkie! I love listening about a makers process from the perspective of the artist. Matt’s down-to-earth interview style really makes for easy listening. Thank you Wombat Radio for being an outstanding addition to the Australian arts landscape, and being the hit of inspiration that I so often need when I am making new work. 👌❤️
    By LSMD. for Version
  • representing Australian movement culture ★★★★★
    Just look at all this work, an incredible collection of knowledge from an extremely diverse group of artists. Matt has amassed honest, powerful responses from Australian movement makers, thinkers and users, which is arguably the most accurate representation of Australian movement culture currently found anywhere in Australia. It's especially interesting as a large number of these artists are independent, giving voice to some amazing people, generating all this wonderful talk about bodies moving through life.
    By Tor Chiu for Version
  • Excellent podcast ★★★★★
    This is such a valuable resource documenting current discourse around dance in beautiful, candid conversations. Well worth listening!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    By lizzie goat for Version
  • Important conversations ★★★★★
    I love hearing where, why and how other artists in Australia are making, creating and being. It gives me hope!
    By dontstoptilyougetenough00 for Version
  • Wombat addict ★★★★★
    Matt Cornell brings a sense of community to the independent dance scene with his poignant conversation, witty humour and raw insight to a world which otherwise can feel somewhat isolated.
    By erinisbarney for Version
  • Fantastic podcast ★★★★★
    Fantastic podcast, exploring a wide intersection of arts practices across Australia. Very in-depth, conversations. Highly recommend! 🙏🏽
    By corinnyroo for Version
  • Amazing Archive ★★★★★
    Wombat radio is an incredible archive of stories and information being shared by seminal creatives in the Australian performaning arts community. It's a really special resorce and an incredible look into the lives and creative processes of aritists working in australia. You really get a sense of how art is shaping each creatives lives and how what they do is shaping the cultural lives of others. Highly reccomend!
    By Lraé for Version
  • Super interesting for any artist ★★★★★
    Disclaimer: I have appeared on Wombat Radio BUT I am also an avid listener and love hearing about other artists’ processes. The in-depth discussions are inspiring for anyone with any kind of practice, artistic or otherwise. Highly recommended.
    By CultureCruncher for Version
  • Excellent ★★★★★
    Such a great podcast - creates an important platform for artists to share thoughts and ideas. Highly recommend you give it a listen!
    By madeleinetl for Version
  • Beautiful window into the depth and brilliance of dance practice in Australia. ★★★★★
    Wombat Radio is a true gem in the Australian arts landscape, a social, gentle, wandering yet diamond sharp insight into the specificity and breadth of practitioners of dance. Smart people talking dance, ideas and many more things, a lovely format for dance and it’s expanded field. Thousand stars
    By sarah47829155433()@ for Version
  • A podcast by an artist for artists ★★★★★
    Wombat radio is a safe space for artists to discuss all things art. These reflections are interesting insights into the lives of artists working on their own practice, what they’re dreaming about and what’s important to them. Matt is a legend, doing legend-like things! Have a listen:)
    By Tareemay for Version
  • Inspirational! ★★★★★
    An amazing archive of thoughts and voices of so many dance makers and performers! It's so great to sit down or have on whilst driving to hear about other dance practices and makers and their process. Love it!
    By Nine_lives3456 for Version
  • Love it ★★★★★
    Wombat radio provides the perfect insight to an artist / dancers / choreographers practice. Such a valuable and unique resource to learn from and be inspired by.
    By hillsmithgold for Version


Press Kit: Click here

Wombat Radio works to be:

  • in some small part a battle against the ephemeral nature of dance and live performance and the discourse surrounding it.
  • in some part mobilising the voices of interesting practitioners, creators or artists.
  • forming a part of my practise in asking better questions of myself, of my colleagues and of the medium of live (and often non-spoken) performance.
  • a provocation to the artist, a push for deep reflection, macro and micro. Often great thoughts and conversations happen after the initial podcast and would not have happened without the sacred space facilitated by this construct.

Wombat Radio is chronically interested in:

choreography, culture, social structure, community, systems, the embodied condition. Speaking with people who can zoom way in to take action and also zoom wayyyy out to see the irrelevance of their efforts (and the humour in that). Always working towards fostering epiphany, either for the host or artist or the listener (but because that is a lot of pressure to put on a conversation, usually trying to forget about it and just practise listening).


Text vs Podcast format – An effort was made in 2013 to compile texts from artists, but reading takes dedicated time that people seem to convince themselves they  have when actually most do not. Wombat Radio as audio can be a part of your commute or cleaning activities or workout etc. A partner in thinking, a time shifted conversation.


Longform – An unedited discussion rather than distillation of grabs is an effort towards meeting the people where they are, hearing them think, and giving a listener time to consider their own position on the matter. (Even though I often listen to longform podcasts at 2x speed – apparently we can listen a lot faster than talk)

The tri-genesis of the idea:

Wombat Radio

Tech setups used:

Simple over-the-phone interview/podcasting setup (for Zoom)
Simple over-the-phone interview/podcasting setup
(for Zoom)
how to podcast with no studio (with or without mics)

Other projects of Matt Cornell

thebigbounce.info – an event for dancing

dancedtogether.info – a ritual for dancing together

themattmosphere.com – a band

choreography.mattcornell.com – a career



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