Heather Forknell – Ep 16

Heather Forknell is an artist based in the UK. I got to chat with her recently about tactile technology in performance and the legacy of crafting an experience.

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Rosslyn Wythes – Ep 15

Rosslyn Wythes speaks with Wombat Radio about thinking about thinking about things, singing your thoughts, ambitious ideas, considering everything, and veggie burgers.

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Anton – Australian Dance Awards – Ep 14

Anton gave Wombat Radio some time today to talk about being the Artistic Director of the 2014 Australian Dance Awards, the history of the event, how to consider community when event managing and what we can expect on the night.

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Emi Forster – Ep 13

Emi Forster gave an hour to wombat radio to speak about new structures for artists, moving from Australia to Canada, and collaborating.

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Aimee Smith – Ep 12

Aimee Smith and Matt Cornell discuss dancing in the club, effort towards changing the world, collaboration and her piece Borderline.

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Michael Whaites – EP 11

Michael Whaites talks with Wombat Radio about the past, and the future and being Artistic Director at LINK Dance Company for almost 10 years.

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LINK 2014

Jo Pickup interviews Matt Cornell – EP 10

Jo Pickup interviews Matt Cornell in the lead up to the LINK company 2014 season and STRUT’s 2014 proximity festival.

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LINK 2014